3:AM Design is an award-winning creative studio. We are directors, editors, producers, animators, and designers. We love to make new things familiar, and familiar things new.

Project Title

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3am Design Studio

3:AM is an award winning studio that has been creating meaningful and compelling content since 2002. We offer a range of services including direction (both live action and digital), production, design, 2D and 3D animation and post production services, but most importantly we bring ideas to life.

Our passion is constructing innovative and engaging stories for both commercial and artistic endeavours. We combine an understanding of story telling, technical savvy and an eye for detail to develop award-winning projects for our clients. We're obsessed with filmmaking, design culture and animation. Our countless late nights spent producing creative works has earned us the moniker of creative insomniacs.

Our boutique studio is a creative hub fuelled by amazing people who create awesome spots…also a lot of weird toys. When we’re not producing we’re most likely playing NBA 2K - a favourite pastime around here.


Kellogg's Poptart (Leo Burnett Chicago)
EmblemHealth (Jeguk Group, NYC)
Coca-Cola (Leo Burnett Chicago)
Comcast Corp. (Momentum St.Louis)
Vonage VOIP (Brandworks Toronto)
VH1 (VH1 New York)
Fuse TV (Rainbow Media New York)
Spike TV (Rainbow Media New York)
Heavy.com (Heavy New York)
Mini Cooper (TAXI Toronto)
Unitron (Milestone Cambridge)
OMA Insurance (Yield Digital Toronto)
Kimberly-Clark (The Distillery Project)
SAP (Milestone Cambridge)
Christie (Milestone Cambridge)
Merial (Armstrong Partnership)
Lifeway (The Distillery Project)
Mastercard (Armstrong Partnership)


Hudson Bay Company
Nelson Education
Allstate (Leo Burnett Chicago)
Comfort Inn (Leo Burnett Chicago)
Interac (Agency 59 Toronto)
Mazda (JWT Toronto)
WCLC Lotto (Venture Comm, Calgary)
Toyoto (Venture Comm, Calgary)
Berkshire Axis Media
Waterfront Toronto (H&K Strategies)
Vice Sports
Sony Music
Kineta (Untitled Worldwide)
HealthCare 365
T-Fal (Faren)

TV Packages

"Pretty Dangerous" (Summerhill TV)
"Crash Addicts" (Summerhill TV)
"Crimes of Passion" (Summerhill TV)
"Keasha's Pefect Dress" (Peacepoint Productions)
"Cities in Blue" (Whistlestop Productions)
"That's Art?!" (Whistlestop Productions)
"My Retreat" (Whistlestop Productions)
"What's For Sale?" (Whilestop Productions)
“Driving Me Crazy” (Marble Media)
“The Taste Of Country (Whistlestop Productions)
“America The Machine” (Triton Films)
“Wild Rockies" (Whistlestop Productions)
“Decks, Docks and Gazebos” (Whistlestop Productions)
“What’s For Sale With A View”(WhistlestopProductions)
“Great Lakes Wild” (Whistlestop Productions)
“City Wildlife Rescue” (Whistlestop Productions)

Music Videos

MC Abdominal "Abdominal Workout"
Billy Talent "A River Below"
Celine Dion "You and I"
Backbruner "Heatwave"
Kyprios "This is my hit"
Abdominal & The Obliques "Broken"
Said the Whale "Camilo"
Wordburglar "Rap Viper"
USS "2 15/16"


Computer Arts Magazine
Habitat International Magazine
Marketing Magazine
Res Magazine
Boards Magazine
Taschen 100 best portfolio book
Bleeding Cool
CBC Music
CBC Radio 3
Exclaim Magazine


MMVA for best post-production (nom)
MMMA video of the year (nom)
MMVA video of the year (won)
BDA for Best Show Opener (gold)
Effie for animated spot (gold)
Effie for integrated marketing (silver)
Applied Arts Award for interactive


Speaker at Design Week, Monterrey
Speaker at Media Conference, Mexico
Speaker at FITC, Toronto


Participant in Pictoplasma wallpaper project
Artist in Loveable Badass Art Exhibit
Artist in Another Disposable Art Show